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Keynote Speakers | 大会主旨报告

CEEPE 2023 Keynote Speakers | 大会主旨报告 
(Listed by alphabetical order of family name | 按姓氏首字母排列) 

Prof. Mohammad Shahidehpour

Illinois Institute of Technology, USA

Fellow of IEEE, AAAS | Founding Editor-in-Chief of the IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid

Dr. Mohammad Shahidehpour is a University Distinguished Professor, Bodine Chair Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, and Director of the Robert W. Galvin Center for Electricity Innovation at Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT). He has over 40 years of experience with power system operation, planning, and control and has completed several major projects for the electric energy sector. His project on Perfect Power Systems has converted the entire IIT Campus to an islandable microgrid. Dr. Shahidehpour was the recipient of several technical awards including of the IEEE Burke Hayes Award for his research on hydrokinetics, IEEE/PES Outstanding Power Engineering Educator Award, IEEE/PES Ramakumar Family Renewable Energy Excellence Award, IEEE/PES Douglas M. Staszesky Distribution Automation Award, and the Edison Electric Institute’s Power Engineering Educator Award. He has co-authored 6 books and over 800 technical papers on electric power system operation and planning, and served as the founding Editor-in-Chief of the IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid. Dr. Shahidehpour is the recipient of the 2009 honorary doctorate from the Polytechnic University of Bucharest. He is a Fellow of IEEE, Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), Fellow of the National Academy of Inventors (NAI), and an elected member of the US National Academy of Engineering (NAE). He is also listed as a highly cited researcher on the Web of Science (ranked in the top 1% by citations demonstrating significant influence among his peers).

Prof. King Jet TSENG

Singapore Institute of Technology, Singapore

Fellow of IEEE, IET

King-Jet Tseng was born in Singapore and received B.Eng. (First Class) and M.Eng. from National University of Singapore, and Ph.D. from Cambridge University in England. He has more than 30 years of academic, research, industrial and professional experience in electrical power and energy systems. He has been the Head of Power Engineering Division in Nanyang Technological University and the Board Member of the Singapore Green Building Council. He co-founded the Singapore-Berkeley Building Efficiency and Sustainability for the Tropics (SinBerBEST) program funded by Singapore’s National Research Foundation, and the Electrical Power Systems Integration Laboratory @ NTU, a Rolls-Royce research facility. He has graduated more 30 PhD students, published more than 300 papers and inspired a number of technology start-up companies. He is a Fellow of IEEE, Fellow of IET, a Fellow of IES and registered as Chartered Engineer with UK Engineering Council. Currently, he is the Professor and Leader for Electrical Power Engineering at Singapore Institute of Technology, working on his vision of future urban electrical distribution architecture which can provide flexible and heterogeneous power quality.

Prof. Xiongfei Wang

KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden

Fellow of IEEE | Editor-in-Chief of the IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics Letters

Xiongfei Wang (IEEE Fellow) is currently a Professor at KTH Royal Institute of Technology and a part-time Professor at Aalborg University. From 2009 to 2022, he was full-time with Aalborg University, where he became a Professor and Leader of Electronic Power Grid (eGRID) Research Group in 2018. His research interests include modeling and control of power electronics converters, stability and power quality of power-electronic-based power systems, and high-power converters.
Dr. Wang serves as Executive Editor (Editor in Chief) for the IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics Letters and as an Associate Editor for the IEEE Journal of Emerging and Selected Topics in Power Electronics (JESTPE). He received ten IEEE/IET Prize Paper Awards, the 2018 Richard M. Bass Outstanding Young Power Electronics Engineer Award, the 2019 IEEE PELS Sustainable Energy Systems Technical Achievement Award, the Clarivate Highly Cited Researcher during 2019-2021, and the 2022 Isao Takahashi Power Electronics Award.

Prof. Jianzhong Wu

Head of School of Engineering, Cardiff University, UK

吴建中教授, 英国卡迪夫大学

Co-Editor-in-Chief of Applied Energy (Impact Factor: 11.446, CiteScore: 20.4)

Prof Jianzhong Wu is Professor of Multi-Vector Energy Systems and Head of School of Engineering at Cardiff University. His research focuses on Smart Grid and Multi-Vector Energy Systems. He has contributed to more than 60 EC, EPSRC and industry funded projects as a Principal Investigator or a Co-Investigator. He has published more than 300 peer-reviewed papers and is a co-author of books “Smart Grid: Technology and Applications” (2012, Wiley), “Smart Electricity Distribution Networks” (2017, CRC) and “The Future of Gas Networks” (2019, Springer).
He is a Co-Chair of INCOSE UK Energy Systems Interest Group, Co-Director of the UK Energy Research Centre, Associate-Director of EPSRC Supergen Energy Networks Hub, and a co-Principal Investigator of £24.5m WEFO funded FLEXIS project investigating future integrated energy systems. He is a member of the UK Government BEIS Taxonomy Energy Working Group, Wales Smart Energy System Group, Northern Powergrid Science and Technology Committee, the Net Zero Advisory Committee of Scottish Power Energy Networks and the Scottish Power Energy Networks Strategic Stakeholder Panel for England and Wales. He is also a member-at-large of the IEEE Technical Committee on Carbon Neutrality.
He is co Editor-in-Chief of Applied Energy journal, Fellow of Energy Institute and Fellow of the Learned Society of Wales.

Prof. Qing-Hua Wu

South China University of Technology, China

吴青华教授, 华南理工大学

Fellow of IEEE, IET, AAIA, CSEE | Deputy Editor-in-Chief of CSEE Journal of Power and Energy Systems

Qinghua Wu received the Ph.D. degree in electrical engineering from Queens University of Belfast (QUB), Belfast, U.K., in 1987.,He was a Research Fellow and subsequently a Senior Research Fellow at QUB from 1987 to 1991. In 1991, he joined the Department of Mathematical Sciences, Loughborough University, Loughborough, U.K., as a Lecturer, where subsequently, he was appointed as a Senior Lecturer. In September 1995, he joined the University of Liverpool, Liverpool, U.K., to take up his appointment to the Chair of Electrical Engineering at the Department of Electrical Engineering and Electronics. He is currently with the School of Electric Power Engineering, South China University of Technology, Guangzhou, China, as a Distinguished Professor and the Director of the Energy Research Institute. He has authored or coauthored more than 440 technical publications, including 220 journal articles, 20 book chapters, and three research monographs published by Springer. His research interests include nonlinear adaptive control, mathematical morphology, evolutionary computation, power quality, and power system control and operation.,Dr. Wu is a fellow of the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) and InstMC and a Chartered Engineer.

Prof. Yusheng Xue (薛禹胜)


Graduated from Shandong University, China in 1963, received a PhD degree in 1987 from the University of Liege, Belgium. He has been an elected academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering since 1995. He is now the Honorary President of State Grid Electric Power Research Institute (SGEPRI or NARI), China. He is the Editor-in-Chief of Automation of Electric Power System (in Chinese, EI indexed) and that of Journal of Modern Power Systems and Clean Energy (in English, SCI indexed).

稳定性理论及电力系统自动化专家。江苏无锡人。1963年山东工学院毕业,1981年获电力科学院硕士学位,1987年获比利时列日大学博士学位。现任国网电力科学研究院名誉院长。 开创了非自治系统运动稳定性的量化理论和电力系统暂态稳定的定量算法,发现了多种新的动态行为并揭示其本质。开发成功该领域国际上至今惟一的商品软件,并广泛应用于国内外,包括美、加、英、爱尔兰、墨西哥、韩国等的电力企业、大学和咨询公司。他设计的我国电网停电防御体系(WARMAP)的防御范围覆盖了中国4/5的电网,为中国电力安全提供了坚强的技术支撑。 获全国科学大会奖,国家科技进步一等奖1项,国家科技进步二等奖3项,国家技术发明二等奖1项,国家图书奖提名奖1项。 到2013年为止,获发明专利授权 29项,包括中国专利金奖1项,优秀奖1项。发表著作 5部,国际论文 152篇,国内论文 267篇。多所国内外大学的兼职教授。 2000年获全国先进工作者荣誉称号,2011年为江苏省首届科学技术突出贡献奖的两个获奖人之一。2012年获何梁何利基金科学与技术进步奖。十届、十一届全国人大代表。 1995年当选为中国工程院院士。

Prof. Xiao-Ping Zhang

University of Birmingham, UK

张小平教授, 英国伯明翰大学

Fellow of IEEE, IET, CSEE | Chair in Electrical Power Systems | Director of Smart Grid, Birmingham Energy Institute

Professor Zhang is currently Chair in Electrical Power Systems, Director of Smart Grid, Birmingham Energy Institute at the University of Birmingham, UK. He co-authored books including the monograph “Flexible AC Transmission Systems: Modelling and Control” by Springer and “Restructured Electric Power Systems: Analysis of Electricity Markets with Equilibrium Models” by IEEE Press/Wiley.
Prof Zhang is an IEEE PES Distinguished Lecturer on HVDC, FACTS and Wave Energy Generation. Professor Zhang is Chair of the IEEE WG on Test Systems for Economic Analysis. He is advisor to the IEEE PES UK & Ireland Chapter. Professor Zhang has been made an IEEE Fellow for his contributions to “modeling and control of high-voltage DC and AC transmission systems.” He is also a Fellow of IET and Chinese Society for Electrical Engineering.
Professor Zhang has been appointed to the Expert Advisory Group of UK Government’s Offshore Transmission Network Review since 2020.

Prof. Xiaoxin Zhou (周孝信院士)


Editor-in-Chief of CSEE Journal of Power and Energy Systems

周孝信,电力系统专家,中国科学院院士,美国国家工程院外籍院士,IEEE Fellow,教授级高级工程师、博士生导师。中国电力科学研究院名誉院长,《CSEE Journal of Power and Energy Systems》期刊主编,中国电机工程学会理事,电力系统专业委员会名誉主任委员,中国电工技术学会常务理事。
周孝信院士长期从事电力系统分析和控制的数学模型和计算方法研究。主持开发了中国第一套“电力系统分析综合程序”(PSASP)大型软件,在电力系统广泛应用。在中国第一项330kV超高压输电工程、第一项±500kV高压输电工程等电力系统工程中提出并采用新的分析模型、计算方法和关键技术。在国内首次进行电力电子技术应用于超高压输电系统的灵活交流输电系统(FACTS)研究,用于中国第一项220kV和500kV超高压输电可控串补工程。采用先进的机群架构和分网并行计算方法,研制高性能的电力系统全数字实时仿真装詈(ADPSS),在国内外推广应用。在能源电力发展趋势和技术发展方向战略研究中提出三代电网和新一代电力系统的概念、发展模式和关键技术。1985年、2008年、2009年三次获得国家科技进步一等奖。2008年获得IEEE PES Nari Hingorani FACTS奖,2009年获何梁何利基金科学与技术进步奖。1981年参加编著的《电力系统计算》获国家优秀科技图书一等奖。