About Chongqing

Chongqing is a major city, and municipality, in southwest China. Administratively, it is one of China's four municipalities under the direct administration of central government (the other three are Beijing, Shanghai and Tianjin), and the only such municipality in China located far away from the coast.

Chongqing Must-see Attractions

1 Hongyadong | 洪崖洞

Hongyadong, located in Changbai Road, Yuzhong Distric, is renowned for its combination of sightseeing, relaxing,entertaining and business, it was built based on the style of traditional architecter “diaojiaolou”. It absorbs well into the hillside and leans well against the cliffs, and it can be reached from jiefangbei CBD along Jialing River, therefore, it is the best place for appreciating Diaojiaolou complex, Hongya Dripping, old street scenes, authentic Bayu customs, confluence of rivers and various delicious foods as well. It functions as the city balcony.
Hongyadong has 11 levels from the riverside road at the bottom to the Cangbai Road on the top. It’s a major tourist site with old streets, delicious food, restaurants, and the Bayu traditional culture performance. It’s now famous for its night views which can be admired from top to bottom.

2 Jiefangbei | 解放碑

Jiefangbei (The Liberty Monument), situated in the center of the pedestrian street, was first built in 1940. Today it is dwarfed by skyscrapers and surrounded by walking streets, shopping malls, and facilities for leisure, business, and entertainments; but it is always the spiritual symbol of the Chinese people’s fight against invaders and the great contributions to world peace. It’s a major landmark and key attraction in Chongqing. Every year it acts as a gathering place for people on Christmas and New Year’s Eve, when hundreds of thousands of colorful balloons are released to the sky at midnight. This is definitely a top-billing for New Year’s Eve activities.

3 Nanbin Road | 南滨路

Nanbin Road is located in Nan’an District along the Yangtze River. “Haitangyanyu” Park is the largest recreation area near the gold twin towers of Sheraton, and the music fountain begins around 8:00pm every night.
The esplanade is a popular dining strip with popular Sichuan restaurants like “Da rong he” “Taoranju” “Yuxin Sichuan Cuisine” “Qinma hot pot”. Tea houses and Mahjong parlors beside the river are also very popular.

4 Ciqikou | 磁器口

Meaning "Porcelain Port" as porcelain has long been made & transported from here, located in ShaPingBa, on the banks of the Jialing River. This is a step back in time with several streets of Chongqing as it was, (and still is in some places). It is mostly comprised of small shops selling tourist stuff, but does lead down to the river where it is possible to board a restaurant boat and where the present Hostel is located. The temple at the top of the hill is worth a visit. Worth a visit for a couple of hours.